Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shipwrecked Professor

I met Professor Headonius Burroffski today, of Miskatonic University. He has been shipwrecked on an island that does not appear on any of the maps I have seen. I fell from a balloon while we were flying overhead, and the pilot never noticed that I had fallen. I am trying to find my traveling party, and perhaps they can be persuaded to return to this island to rescue the Professor!
I have no compass nor even shoes ...


HBA said...

It was most gracious of you to put up with an old professor's twaddle :)

I hope the balloon made a return sweep for you - if not, you know where the tent is :)

Enjah Mysterio said...

thank you sir, I am most grateful to you for providing shelter!

I was indeed rescued, but because I was unable to tell them the location of your tent, they insisted on continuing our world balloon tour. They seem to think it is urgent we go on.

I am so sorry we cannot help you. May G'al give you blessings and sustenance!