Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving (Tree)house

I am comfortable in Davenport, having moved that huge, honking treehouse around till I was almost at wit's end.

Now I am near the cairn and overlooking the water. I can see my boathouse from my front door.

On The Waterfront

I made the decision to rent more land in Bodega, and built this little boathouse and dock, so that I can sail at will! I am thrilled.

She Builds ...

Here in Bodega there is a beautiful classical building going up. Young Geoffrion has set out some well-proportioned columns, a horse, a star of some sort, a jar of eyeballs and a lovely calling card from one Osprey Therian. In the background you can see part of Salazar's Tower, and the tip-top of my hollow tree moveable dwelling. It is an exciting time in the neighborhood!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Neighbor!

Sal said I had a prim allotment because I donated my 512 that comes with my account, so I could build in the Forest of Kahruvel in Bodega. I found this old hollow tree and moved in!

It is a spacious home for a tree. Must have been quite an imposing specimen!

I prefer not to cook at home, so I just have a tiny parlor, with lots of windows to enjoy the light (and spy on people driving by on the road!).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eventful Evening

I went to Bodega Bay, where I found Osprey about to try out Neal Lyle's airship, which she did. I am in this photo; can you find me lolling there?

Shortly after Osprey left for other places, Salazar arrived and I asked him to show me land I could rent or buy. He then said he could show me somewhere wonderful. Turns out that was Miriel, a private island with beautiful trees, boulders and cliffs. Young joined us there, and we explored a bit.