Friday, November 30, 2007

Sailing to (and in) Seaside Village

Come on in, the water's fine!

I can see the Empire State Building from here!

I hope the arch of the bridge is high enough! (It is.)

Along the shores of the Old Coast ...

Old Coastie!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ferry Cross the Mersey and BEYOND!

It all began with a jaunt to famous places, one of which was The Cavern, where the Beatles got their start, and thence to the Ferry which Crosses the Mersey.

Osprey has been ribbed quite a bit about having switched to prim hair, but this shot illustrates her charming new hairdo, not to mention her elfin piquance.

Then Young joined us and we decided to visit Versailles, which has a dress code. Osprey and I bought 17th-Century dresses and wigs, and whisked off to the ballroom.

And then there were two. Young was summoned by an Unseen Presence to dine in some Other World. We assume it was a Sumptuous Feast.

We betook ourselves to Missing Mile, in Soap. It was a darkly chaotic town, which provided scooters. In our costumes, we were an oddity, but no one commented, even when we scooted into houses and poked around.

A passage to India provided me with this luscious view, but few sights other than modern houses and sandy islets.

Finally in Taste of India we stood beside a lagoon and conversed with a couple of the habitues, one of whom was attired in Indian style, the other in ... Mondo Bizarro style. Charming people met randomly.

Osprey put "Afghanistan" into the general Search slot and came up with ... Travlin Mendicant! We have not seen him for many a month; perhaps he was caught in some scam or other and jailed in a bleak and desolate place. Shades of "The Comedians"!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Flight of Dreams

I spent some idle, happy time with Young, who has returned from her exotic travels. She was kind enough to take me to see two of the sites she had mentioned in her blog, Far Away,and Chakryn Forest.

The wheatfield of dreams is melancholy and exuberant at once. The violin transports us to a video voyage.

Young made herself a delectable corpse, posing as Marat in his final moments (as portrayed by David's painting).

At the end of this tour, we sat quietly conversing on eternal verities (Death is an Appointment with the Cosmic Dentist) in the Forest. Serene time taken to appreciate our World.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Caught in the Act

Salazar took this great pic of The Droplettes in the midst of our act. To elucidate, this is a photo from inside a tiki bar drink looking at spilled Mai Tai. The droplets are dancing and so is the two-cherry, orange slice drink decoration.
Today Osprey recorded our act for posterity, whoever that may be.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Was Sailing Along ...

I was just sailing and enjoying the afternoon, when I spied Khamon Fate looking like he was in a trance, in the water. I spoke to him but he did not respond.

I dove in and swam to him, thinking he might be drowning. I planned to help him to shore.

He seemed unresponsive*, so I swam on, pondering his fate (pun intended).

He later called me to say I had seen his ghost (!!??!!), and that he is fine.

In fact, I swam to Osprey's place on Bodega Bay, which looked so inviting.

I lay down in the late afternoon sun and slept.

When I awoke it was very late indeed, and getting chilly, so I went home to dress for dinner.

Kahruvel by Windlight

Seduced by Windlight

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holiday Lights

I saw these strings of star lights at Ingrid Ingersoll's apartment in Grignano the other day and admired them. I IM'd Lo Jacobs to ask if she sold them, and she very kindly gave me a set with full permissions!

I put them up on my house this evening, while visiting with Osprey. I commented that it was very "old SL" of Lo to give them to me. She said it seemed like decades had passed since we first lived in SL. Things have changed a lot, it is true, but people are still generous, at least some of them are.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hangin With the Mantelope

Today I was talking on IM to HBA and he said he was having an epic battle, Combat Card style. He said it was going on forevah, because they were so evenly matched. I said (untruthfully, if you must know) I would fly to his side and bind up his wounds.
When I arrived in the sky above HBA Island, he handily dispatched his opponent, one Pinkie Delcon, on the left in the photo. She claims to be a hellcat, but she looked more pussycat to me, even with her Shoes of Death.