Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Was Sailing Along ...

I was just sailing and enjoying the afternoon, when I spied Khamon Fate looking like he was in a trance, in the water. I spoke to him but he did not respond.

I dove in and swam to him, thinking he might be drowning. I planned to help him to shore.

He seemed unresponsive*, so I swam on, pondering his fate (pun intended).

He later called me to say I had seen his ghost (!!??!!), and that he is fine.

In fact, I swam to Osprey's place on Bodega Bay, which looked so inviting.

I lay down in the late afternoon sun and slept.

When I awoke it was very late indeed, and getting chilly, so I went home to dress for dinner.


Osprey said...

I was sailing today AND I almost IMed you to say, "Let's go swimming."

HB Bumcakes! said...

Hey! You trying to steal my thunder as "best bottom in SL"? Watch it sister!