Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stage at Planet Bohemia

Osprey asked me to build a stage for the TSMGO upcoming show at Planet Bohemia. I wa somewhat unsure of myself but with her help I built it. Last night I asked Vlad Bjornson, a fellow TSMGO'er, what he thought of it, and how it could be improved or changed. He suggested planets in the corners of the stage, and he later added starry borders on the walls, sun/moon images on the back wall of the stage, and groupings of planets in the corners. I think it looks terrific. I hope the audience is not too far from the stage to hear everything. I am sure things will be tweaked further, but I am so happy I did this build.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mysterio Gallery Up and Running

Yesterday I rebuilt the gallery and put some of my paintings up. Today Callipygian Christensen came by to look at the first floor space in order to plan the hanging of her show.

Whenever she finishes hanging the show, I will host an opening for her.

My SL Family: 1. Eileen McTeague

Eileen McTeague is a femme fatale and actress. I have learned a lot from her, but she is emotionally behind my level of development. She was one of the stars of "From the Shadows", a collaborative play performed in Second Life. She enjoys performing, but does not get to do much of it these days, as I am performing myself!

I cannot run back and forth and fetch my family members during performances, although that might be very effective. It is too unreliable to try, more's the pity.

Eileen has her own blog, Star Life, but has not posted lately due to her forced inactivity. She has a group by the same name, but that is also withering on the vine.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Performance Tips in Second Life

Watch an instructional video for The Show Must Go On performers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Presenting The Humans!

These lovely creatures perform in Madame Creme Caramel's Amazing Humans! There is only time for three performers in the act, but when one cannot appear due to unforeseen circumstances, the others will perform as understudies. I feel affection for them all, and I hope they will all do well.

Mme. Caramel is intriguing, but somewhat harsh. I think her years as a prison guard hardened her.

TSMGO Rehearsal Last Night

Apart from a sim crash, our rehearsal went very well! The Amazing Trained Humans Act has begun to take shape, Salamander Maroon rehearsed her comedy routine for the first time, we previewed the Shot from Cannon act by Hotspur, and we heard Dr. Fluxus by Young Geoffrion, although we have to wait to see the visuals.

Salazar has created a wonderful stage for us, and Lucy took over signage control from Ida; our newest Human, Caitlin, did very well indeed.I am very excited about the show!