Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My SL Family: 1. Eileen McTeague

Eileen McTeague is a femme fatale and actress. I have learned a lot from her, but she is emotionally behind my level of development. She was one of the stars of "From the Shadows", a collaborative play performed in Second Life. She enjoys performing, but does not get to do much of it these days, as I am performing myself!

I cannot run back and forth and fetch my family members during performances, although that might be very effective. It is too unreliable to try, more's the pity.

Eileen has her own blog, Star Life, but has not posted lately due to her forced inactivity. She has a group by the same name, but that is also withering on the vine.


Osprey said...

I agree - Eileen is an emotional behind.

Enjah said...

OH DEAR! I would not have said that about her. I think your brother has gotten at you!