Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YadNI's Bourbon Build

This island sim brought the Caribbean to mind, with colorful houses, mountains and a neatly laid-out town. I enjoyed it and will return to continue my exploration. YadNI told Osprey about his new build and she invited me to join her to see it; I am glad to see new builds that are friendly and attractive.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dorie Does Dreams

Dorie Bernstein is part of the Dreams Fair crew, and she attended the TSMGO show today at Dreams, where she took a lot of photos of the show. These represent the acts from beginning to end, and give the flavor of the show. THANK YOU DORIE!!!

The Show Did Go On

Our performance was as lagged and trying as ever, but I am seasoned and can weather things better. Our audience was peppered with friends, thank G'al, and we got through it. For the new performers, it was probably a shock to find out just how difficult it is to do this in performance, as compared to rehearsals, but they all hung in there and did what they had to do. It was a BLAST!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vernian Sea Lighthouse

In the Vernian Sea stands a lighthouse, mysterious and grand. Sailors on these waters are guided safely to port. The comfortable quarters are well appointed (although for the life of me I cannot tell what use a giant stuffed rabbit might have). Visitors can explore thoroughly and enjoy the beautiful building.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Osprey and I are discussing the upcoming show at Dreams this Saturday, and in the background is the new Synchronized Knitters Unicycle Drill Team Track. It is a death-defying figure 8, tilted in two directions and elevated, requiring total concentration on our part.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daring Diamond Robbery!

Caroline Apollo hired Edward Manray, my cousin, to work as a guard at her opening party for her new jewelry store in Lo Lo this evening. A pair of diamond rings, one man's and one a woman's ring, were prominently displayed. After about an hour of merriment, the rings disappeared!

Ed began to question all the guests, some of whom had suspicious responses. The first question was always, "where were you when the rings disappeared?"

Lizzy Mornington: I was outside Sir With Naps (N71)

Madame Maracas: DJing ... pulling tuneage she gave me a ring beforehand, so I'm innocent

Helke Duettmann: in the parlor ... I had just come in from a the garden..for some air...

Edward Manray: with a candlestick? Did anyone see you out there?

Helke Duettmann: It's day time Mr. Manray..why would I need a the afternoon?

Edward Manray: well it ... oh I dunno don't look at me like that

Helke Duettmann: I am not at liberty to disclose the name of the person I met in the garden..reputations ...are at stake here Mr. Manray..checcky of you...and much to forward..for a gentelman..

Edward Manray: we are supposed to be forward

Helke Duettmann: I do NOT consort with people.. and men especiley..of such low station...GOODAY MR. Manray..

Edward Manray: you are the sort that gets away with things; just the sort I like to question

Helke Duettmann: GOODDAY MR MANRAY...

Francesca Balogh: right where i am--been dancing all the time :D

Edward Manray: ok ok, I think I believe you ... but don't go anywhere
Francesca Balogh: will be here. XD

Lilyana Dryke: when did it dissapear? i just got here 5 mintues ago
Edward Manray: about a half hour ago.
Lilyana Dryke: oh i wasnt here then
Edward Manray: ok lady, you can go
Lilyana Dryke: good luck ...thanks
Edward Manray: ironclad alibi
Lilyana Dryke: yep

Oilell Pinion: why, i was right here, Sir. Dancing with my partner, Kerry Ninetails.

Solivar Scarborough: Disposing of a of a body of water...big big puddle
Edward Manray: Mr. Scarborough ... that does not sound ... very likely
Solivar Scarborough: I was seating petis fours, and yes, I stuffed some extra in a napkin to take home
Solivar Scarborough: was eating reather
Solivar Scarborough: rather..see you have me so flustered I can't type

Rockie Rubble: dancing in the same spot I am in now, I have not moved lol ... how many were stolen?

Thaumata Strangelove giggles I was right here dancing, silly.

Panthar Orlowski: Running to my white van with no windows.
Edward Manray: hands up.

Hobbes Abattoir: I deny everything! I want my lawyer! My paws are too big for rings I tells ya!
Edward Manray: you are just the type to try something
Hobbes Abattoir: *puts on his halo, trying to whistle inncently* I know nothing! <- said like Klink
Valena Glushenko: I was in a yacht, off the coast of Cuba. (not here :P)
Edward Manray: I don't believe you
Valena Glushenko: Well i would say my husband would vouch for me, the late Viktor Glushenko, the billionaire, but he sadly passed away a number of days ago, at the age of 96. I still say it was Mrs White in the Library with a candlestick. In any case, I was not here, and I don't think you have the proof to prove otherwise, Mr Manray.
Edward Manray: I knew there was a candlestick involved
Mui Mukerji: which rings ? ohhhh
Edward Manray: yes maam, but I think we have the culprit
Leanne Coeyman: i just arrived, they were already missing when i got here
Voshie Paine: I was dancing here with everyone minding my own business thinking who would make a good snack ;-)
Brian Mason: *escapes!*

Edward Manray: dang


Brian Mason: *smiles* why do you think I was the perfect criminal ?

Edward Manray: ok brian I thought you said you were a gentleman, and you ran like a coward

Brian Mason: *me peers over a newspaper* did I ?

Edward Manray: where are you? Edward Manray glares around the room

Brian Mason: hiding in plain sight

Edward Manray: you made it even more interesting; the usual perps are low lifes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lying Doggo

Osprey was asked to film a blues duo who were, to the best of my understanding, streaming from Japan. I provided ambience, as a wolf.

The juke joint was jumpin, man. These dudes knew their stuff. This was live music I really enjoyed!

I moved at the end of a song and parked my carcass at the back of the stage, while the musicians rocked on.

Osprey was all duded up in her brocade, (EEEK NO HAT!), a balkan sobranie hanging from her lip, the tough yet dainty barmaid.