Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lying Doggo

Osprey was asked to film a blues duo who were, to the best of my understanding, streaming from Japan. I provided ambience, as a wolf.

The juke joint was jumpin, man. These dudes knew their stuff. This was live music I really enjoyed!

I moved at the end of a song and parked my carcass at the back of the stage, while the musicians rocked on.

Osprey was all duded up in her brocade, (EEEK NO HAT!), a balkan sobranie hanging from her lip, the tough yet dainty barmaid.


HBooooooo! said...

No hat? No Hat? NO HAT?

Lemme see that again?


HBeeeee said...

*wakes up*

*looks again*


Osprey said...

Live internet jam - Komuso in Japan and Hathead in Canada! Do we get our flying cars NOW?

HBA said...

God damn but we should! And silver space pants!