Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have You Seen This Man?

I am not sure why he changed, but this is how Fuzzy looked the last time I heard from him. It has only been a few days, but I feel strange, as if ... oh, never mind, I am sure nothing is wrong.

Mantelope Detective

HBA somehow got involved in Ed's frameup for the murder of someone named Gandalf(?), who I think is really Fuzzy Bunyip, but no matter. Ed told HBA Eileen would know if Oz was trying to frame Ed. She did not think so. She thinks that if Oz wanted to harm Ed he would simply kill him with a car bomb.

In the process of discussing all this, she got to see HBA's cave, which she liked except for the octopus, which she says is ookie.

Another Photo Studio

Last night I spoke with Anhinga Chaika, whom I had met at Tempietto, Young Geoffrion's amazing build. We spoke of coyotes, so I gave her my Coyote painting and my Coyote outfit. She invited me to her photography studio, where she made some headshots for me. She does portrait work and has a fully-equipped studio.

Later her friend IF arrived, a red wolf. I changed into my wolf look, and we exchanged thoughts for a while, but then I had to go to bed (we wolves/coyotes need our sleep).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lucy, I'm Home!

Lucy is back! I was sitting conversing with her on all sorts of spiritual and philosophical subjects, in the room she uses on her friend's land. She says that some people are upset that she is homeless, but that it does not bother her at all.
We are both looking forward to the new show!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nasty Spiky Cudgel

Osprey told me there was a spiky nasty thing on the ground at the Combat Cards area in Europa, but nothing was there. She arrived and restored it, and gave me one of my very own.

Now I have a mace/cudgel! Not something I have dreamed of owning, but it is quite threatening, so I will whip it out in case of bandits.

Note Hal in the background, with his red-hot glowing sword. He is made of "leftovers" Os said ... so she had leftover brains, bones, and so forth. Makes ya wonder ... what are they leftovers from? Some meal she had weeks ago? Were they refrigerated?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

City Streets Awards

Today we had the awards ceremony for the City Streets photography contest. I used the speaker HUD I got from Ida, which was scripted by Theo. I shocked Osprey using this mechanical voice, but it was much easier for me. I usually type the words into a notecard and then copy and paste them into the chat slot, but this way all I had to do was click the HUD.

HBA won with his moody shot of a low sun in a canyon of tall buildings. I think he was surprised. He really admired the very beautiful and skillful piece by Makeda, which is impressive, but the judges chose ambience over technique.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kahruvel Design

I have not been wandering in Nova Albion for some time, but today I found myself floudering in a canal, after the roadway gave way under my feet. I leapt out and found myself in Kahruvel Design. There was a black and white video of Osprey and Salazar doing the High Flyers in their street clothes, a link to Salazar's website, and a Wired magazine article on Second Life. What a nice way to get out of drowning!

RatePoint Concert Hall

Elliott Eldrich has been a friend now for a while. He was very kind to me at an event, when I was feeling out of place. Since then, he has been doing builds of various kinds. This one was done as a gift to Circe Broom, and it is spectacular ... ornate, lush, it is a jewel box of a concert hall. I hope there will be many concerts!

HBA Gallery

Enjah boldly goes to HBA Gallery, a sky-hung set of floors with a ramp between them.

Ed Does the Town(s)

Ed was in Nova Albion doing research on his upcoming detective clue hunt, when he stopped at the Miramare Infohub (a magnificent Salazar Jack build that everyone should see, by the way). There he met a group of young people who call themselves The Miramare Brickwarmers.
He was intrigued by their lack of experience with our world, and took them to the Seaside Village, which they loved. Unfortunately they got stuck between floors on the lighthouse elevator, but by and large they seemed to enjoy themselves.
He then escorted them to HBA Island for drinks and they sat around the campfire for a bit. Then he had to race off to see Johanssen Scarborough do Wizard fighting, and finally he went to Combat Cards in Europa, where he fought and died and ran into Maxie Schneider, among other friends. Whew! Ed gets around (uh, he is usually hiding out in his office or behind the office in his apartment, so this is a good thing for him to do).

I Am With Young

I was at home looking in the mirror at my new SensiDress (NOT shown above), which does not quite perform as advertised (it lifts up when I sit, exposing my lovely undergarments for all to see), when I saw that Young Geoffrion was at home. I called her and she was kind enough to invite me to come view her mentor's work-in-progress. Dr. Fluxus was not in at the time, but a neighbor came by to visit, and we all made fabulously smart remarks to one another. It was scintillating stuff.

I Fergott ta Tell Ya ...

IDA CAME BACK!!! One of the most delightful features of The Show Must Go On! is the friends I have made ... and one of the greatest artistes in our troupe is Miss Ida Keen.

I hope she can stay with us in the new show. She is having vertigo issues, so I am not sure she will be able to handle the Knitters! She was a big part of that collaboration, so it is ironic.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Admiring the Work

Osprey hung the "City Streets" photography contest show tonight, and I had to admire the pieces. Awesome show, everyone! The Awards Ceremony will be Tuesday at 3PM SL time, I believe, at the Photography Studio Upstairs Gallery.

Final Show

We performed our complete show for the last time, at our home stage in Phobos. It went well, and the Humans were at their naughtiest!
For whatever reason, our show has attracted hecklers, and this performance was no exception. However in this case, we had one particularly unpleasant person who stayed after our show just to let us know she did not like it.
To (mis)quote a good friend: "If you are not a fun-loving sort, why attend a vaudeville show; then, realizing it is not to your taste, why stay through the entire thing?" Good question!
We created our acts as parodies of all sorts of entertainment, with opposites abounding. The dog trains the humans, a ballerina dances with a hippo, a gigantic snake gets loose in the audience. This is not Arthur Miller, folks, and if that is what you want, please go elsewhere!
From The Show Must Go On! website:
The Show Must Go On! is a traveling variety show featuring short acts strung together with no rhyme or reason. From the snappy dancing Droplettes to the meditative Undergrowth, the show takes advantage of the strengths of Second Life and aims to please. Although I won't get into descriptions, let's just say you will likely see things you have never seen before. Indeed, audience comments have indicated that some people had difficulty remaining in their chairs in real life, due to hearty laughter.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raglan Shire Medieval Festival!


Kissing Booth!

A posse to capture the Highway Bunny!

A Paw Reader!

The Show Must Go On Tiny!

Biggest Shindig Ever!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Raglan Shire Medieval Ball

I want to say this is the first event of the Renaissance festival, but I am not really sure about the schedule. Tinies danced in wonderful forms to flute drum and lute ... The moon rose over the square, some people were put in stocks for no reason I could discern. I am the little black bunny wearing a green dress and a ring of flowers on my head.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shipwrecked Professor

I met Professor Headonius Burroffski today, of Miskatonic University. He has been shipwrecked on an island that does not appear on any of the maps I have seen. I fell from a balloon while we were flying overhead, and the pilot never noticed that I had fallen. I am trying to find my traveling party, and perhaps they can be persuaded to return to this island to rescue the Professor!
I have no compass nor even shoes ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Osprey made a butterfly board for avatars, and last night we played on it a little. A newbie came by, and we invited him to impale himself with us, which he did. We could change position by clicking on the head of the pin. At first Osprey had on her moth outfit, but then she liked it better as a human. Kinda masochistic but really fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Raglan Shire Renaissance and Jousting

The Tinies of Raglan Shire are holding a Renaissance Festival and Jousting Match this weekend. Here I am dressed appropriately for the event.

I will be performing in our The Show Must Go On Short Show, in other costumes, but this struck my fancy!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

On The Set

Osprey was shooting a photo of HeadBurro Antfarm yesterday and I captured this image of the process. It was probably uncomfortable for him to hold this pose for long, but he was very still!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bunnie vs Greenie?

The Photography Studio at Grignano has a cartoon exhibit these days. If you are a full-sized avatar, I guess it is a normal exhibit. The pix are rather large-ish, and this bunnie felt small-ish, but the Greenie was Tiny too!

Bunny Ballerina in Wonderland OR Down the Rabbit Hole!

This little bunny went to visit the Wonderland Car Garden in Motorati, built by Osprey Therian. There was a cookie jar, but it forced a landmark on her before it coughed up a nice cookie. Beautiful garden!