Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mantelope Detective

HBA somehow got involved in Ed's frameup for the murder of someone named Gandalf(?), who I think is really Fuzzy Bunyip, but no matter. Ed told HBA Eileen would know if Oz was trying to frame Ed. She did not think so. She thinks that if Oz wanted to harm Ed he would simply kill him with a car bomb.

In the process of discussing all this, she got to see HBA's cave, which she liked except for the octopus, which she says is ookie.


HBA PI for hire said...

I did indeed get to speak to the radiant Eileen and she most helpful on the matter of Oz's relationship to poor Edward. And I have to say that I agree with her - I imply can't see Oz bothering to frame Ed when a simple sniper shot (or loose missile from his gunship) would be more up his street.

It a mystery alright, and I fear that if Edward doesn't watch his step (and his back) he might find himself in deep water... and I don't mean my cave!

Eileen McTeague said...

Of course Oz is well above the common motives for killing, but if there were a good reason he would be quite capable of dealing death. He knows I standy by him, faithful and adoring. Edward is part of my past, but I still worry about his welfare.

Osprey said...

I find this discussion about my brother distasteful. And Ozymandias has no gunship. We may not always have a lot in common but we are siblings and I know him in a way Eileen never could.

Also, what frame-up? I have yet to hear mention of this whole thing by anyone outside the Brownstone regulars.

I do believe Eileen is pulling a fast one here, and trying to restore her sagging box office value by getting involved in a juicy scandal of her own making.

Has-been, anyone?

HBA said...

Has-bean? Ooo! Don't mind if I do... mmmlovelymmmfankyoummm.

I'm sure everything is OK, but for my part I'd like to hear more from Edward on this matter...