Friday, October 12, 2007

Raglan Shire Medieval Ball

I want to say this is the first event of the Renaissance festival, but I am not really sure about the schedule. Tinies danced in wonderful forms to flute drum and lute ... The moon rose over the square, some people were put in stocks for no reason I could discern. I am the little black bunny wearing a green dress and a ring of flowers on my head.


Zayn Till said...

Hi Enjah! glad you could attend the opening festivities today at the start of the Raglan Medieval Festival! Lots going on all weekend!
Saturday at 11am theres a tiny Archery competition, A performance of your own "The Show Must Go On" at 2pm, a Formal Ball afterwards, a Sack race after that. On Sunday is the Tiny Jousting Tournament at 1pm followed by Closing ceremonies dancing and a fireworks display. At the Medieval tent village theres lots of items of medieval flavor for sale (freebies too!) with all proceeds going to the ONE Campaign to eliminate poverty. Theres a Scavenger Hunt going on all weekend, Gypsy dancing for donations to ONE, a wishing well with all donations going to ONE. Tiny Fortune telling and paw reading, A Kissing booth, a Hedgerow maze and of course the stockades where anyone may imprison themselves and set their own "FINE" which is paid by onlookers with all "FINES" being donated to ONE.ORG as well. Today alone we raised almost $25,000L. It was a great first day and theres still so much more! Looking forward to your troupes performance tommorow! We love you guys :D

Osprey said...

Very nice! I was sorry I couldn't go - it looks like you had fun.