Sunday, October 21, 2007

Final Show

We performed our complete show for the last time, at our home stage in Phobos. It went well, and the Humans were at their naughtiest!
For whatever reason, our show has attracted hecklers, and this performance was no exception. However in this case, we had one particularly unpleasant person who stayed after our show just to let us know she did not like it.
To (mis)quote a good friend: "If you are not a fun-loving sort, why attend a vaudeville show; then, realizing it is not to your taste, why stay through the entire thing?" Good question!
We created our acts as parodies of all sorts of entertainment, with opposites abounding. The dog trains the humans, a ballerina dances with a hippo, a gigantic snake gets loose in the audience. This is not Arthur Miller, folks, and if that is what you want, please go elsewhere!
From The Show Must Go On! website:
The Show Must Go On! is a traveling variety show featuring short acts strung together with no rhyme or reason. From the snappy dancing Droplettes to the meditative Undergrowth, the show takes advantage of the strengths of Second Life and aims to please. Although I won't get into descriptions, let's just say you will likely see things you have never seen before. Indeed, audience comments have indicated that some people had difficulty remaining in their chairs in real life, due to hearty laughter.

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I came, I saw and I loved! I also IMed the person who heckled and am convinced she was just a silly little Troll out for a fight. I enjoyed my IM convo with her though - they are so easy to play with ;-)

I'm sure you do, but lest you forget at times, you are all to feel very bloody proud of what you have done with the show. It is a joyful act of creation that people such as the Troll can never hope to understand, never mind equal.

Keep on keeping on - you are all wonderful for giving SL TSMGO :)x

HBA - "More TSMGO and less orbiting, I say!"