Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nasty Spiky Cudgel

Osprey told me there was a spiky nasty thing on the ground at the Combat Cards area in Europa, but nothing was there. She arrived and restored it, and gave me one of my very own.

Now I have a mace/cudgel! Not something I have dreamed of owning, but it is quite threatening, so I will whip it out in case of bandits.

Note Hal in the background, with his red-hot glowing sword. He is made of "leftovers" Os said ... so she had leftover brains, bones, and so forth. Makes ya wonder ... what are they leftovers from? Some meal she had weeks ago? Were they refrigerated?


hba said...

Things to remember...

1) Do not tick Enjah off!

2) Do not hang around Osprey's place without telling people where you are!

Young Geoffrion said...

Osprey was raised by wolves, by her own account, so I judge that very good advice indeed. Might I add:

3) Be sure your search party is armed with dangerous-looking spikey things.

4) Do not tick off the box on your drivers license leaving your body to Combat Cards.

Osprey said...

/me fumes.

They're on to me :(

HBA said...

No... Never, ever leave anything the CC Trust lest ye want to see it come backatchya with teethabared and hot, spikey thing athrusting.