Tuesday, October 23, 2007

City Streets Awards

Today we had the awards ceremony for the City Streets photography contest. I used the speaker HUD I got from Ida, which was scripted by Theo. I shocked Osprey using this mechanical voice, but it was much easier for me. I usually type the words into a notecard and then copy and paste them into the chat slot, but this way all I had to do was click the HUD.

HBA won with his moody shot of a low sun in a canyon of tall buildings. I think he was surprised. He really admired the very beautiful and skillful piece by Makeda, which is impressive, but the judges chose ambience over technique.

1 comment:

HBA the unlikey winner! said...

Very surprised but very happy too. You know how it is, you can never shake that feeling that other people's work is better than yours, especially for an old chancer in life like me :)

But still, thank you so much. Both Janey and I were made up with our wins and are looking forward to the next contest.

By the by - do you know of any poetry showcases or contests in SL?