Monday, October 22, 2007

Ed Does the Town(s)

Ed was in Nova Albion doing research on his upcoming detective clue hunt, when he stopped at the Miramare Infohub (a magnificent Salazar Jack build that everyone should see, by the way). There he met a group of young people who call themselves The Miramare Brickwarmers.
He was intrigued by their lack of experience with our world, and took them to the Seaside Village, which they loved. Unfortunately they got stuck between floors on the lighthouse elevator, but by and large they seemed to enjoy themselves.
He then escorted them to HBA Island for drinks and they sat around the campfire for a bit. Then he had to race off to see Johanssen Scarborough do Wizard fighting, and finally he went to Combat Cards in Europa, where he fought and died and ran into Maxie Schneider, among other friends. Whew! Ed gets around (uh, he is usually hiding out in his office or behind the office in his apartment, so this is a good thing for him to do).

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

D'oh! I can be sooooo slow at times. I have only recently stumbled on the Nova Albion/Grignano detective agency and had no idea that Ed was involved!

I have a travel guide to the Nova Albion build somewhere *rumages in backpack* I'll send it to you tonight.

And thank you for taking the Brickwarmers to my wee island. I had no idea they were unaware of the background of the city but it explains a lot :)