Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ferry Cross the Mersey and BEYOND!

It all began with a jaunt to famous places, one of which was The Cavern, where the Beatles got their start, and thence to the Ferry which Crosses the Mersey.

Osprey has been ribbed quite a bit about having switched to prim hair, but this shot illustrates her charming new hairdo, not to mention her elfin piquance.

Then Young joined us and we decided to visit Versailles, which has a dress code. Osprey and I bought 17th-Century dresses and wigs, and whisked off to the ballroom.

And then there were two. Young was summoned by an Unseen Presence to dine in some Other World. We assume it was a Sumptuous Feast.

We betook ourselves to Missing Mile, in Soap. It was a darkly chaotic town, which provided scooters. In our costumes, we were an oddity, but no one commented, even when we scooted into houses and poked around.

A passage to India provided me with this luscious view, but few sights other than modern houses and sandy islets.

Finally in Taste of India we stood beside a lagoon and conversed with a couple of the habitues, one of whom was attired in Indian style, the other in ... Mondo Bizarro style. Charming people met randomly.

Osprey put "Afghanistan" into the general Search slot and came up with ... Travlin Mendicant! We have not seen him for many a month; perhaps he was caught in some scam or other and jailed in a bleak and desolate place. Shades of "The Comedians"!


HBA said...

You were in Liverpool and never stopped off for a brew!? I'm hurt! I only live 60 miles away!

/me sulks!

Osprey said...

"Osprey has been ribbed quite a bit about having switched to prim hair..."
No, I haven't. I was tormented unmercifully for NOT switching to prim hair and I did so to blend in and go unnoticed in the throng.

Osprey said...

HBA, sorry - we didn't even have time to visit my Auntie Anne. We should all meet in the Cavern one day.

HBA said...

Very good idea!

Enjah Mysterio said...

I was not aware of Osprey being ribbed for NOT having prim hair, since all our mutual friends have long accepted the traditional look and were taken aback by the change. Change is refreshing, but I would prefer to think it was a choice and not compulsory!

And, yes, I would love to meet you and Head at the Cavern to gape and jaw.

Young Geoffrion said...

Supper was hardly sumptuous, a modest affair taken with a little bread and wine. But business was discussed, followed by labour, the despatch of messages, the receipt of the same, the briefest of naps and so one for several days. I would have preferred to putt about prettily with my painted and primmed friends, but she is no master of her own time who must earn her supper.