Saturday, January 10, 2009

Going Tiny for the Last Blast of Xmas!

Last night I visited Raglan Shire again, just to see what they were up to. They were just finishing up their Friday Night Game of Primtionary, then all did Tiny Riverdance (I joined in), then they were going to have a movie later.

Zayn Till showed me around the WinterFest, with wonderful decorations and thick sweaters for sale. I made a Snow Angel, rode a Tiny Hoverboard, and generally had a blast.

Zayn was telling me that all this is shortly to be gone, but there would be Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras coming up. These are some PARTYIN (LITTLE) PEOPLE!

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Zayn Till said...

You came just after the majority of all the winterfest and holiday decorations were taken down.. But you did get to see the Tinys community tree with akl the ornaments that folks made and you saw Mount Waffle so that was good :D The Shire was amazing this Winterfest.. *sigh* i luvs the holidays!