Friday, January 16, 2009

Fuzzy Finds a Flaw

My landlord, the kindly and gentle Salazar Jack, modified the doorway to the west side of my gallery in Grignano (top floor, The Brownstone East), so that it now matches the other entry, but he was unable to move the column (owned by one Osprey Therian of Bodega). Fuzzy discovered this discrepancy (Sal apologized, he was having back problems), and pointed it out for us.

Fuzzy has a very much more accurate SL look, with new flexi hair and a tie.


Osprey said...

That's a column I set for sale for you - didn't you buy it?

hba said...

Poor Sal's back - and he has all those saplings to plant still and the Noyo Mall to knock down. Bad Osprey/Enjah/Somebody.

Enjah Mysterio said...

I bought it but the original stayed in place, immovable! (Even Sal, an irresistible force, could not budge it!)