Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gentle Reader ...

Here is an IM exchange from today:

12:46] Maryann Coanda: (Saved Sun Oct 12 14:35:42 2008) hi, while looking for treasure in your store, i accidently bought clouds, blue for $500. can i please send it back to you and get e refund?

[12:54] Enjah Mysterio: I am sorry, Maryann, I do not give refunds for items that are no transfer.

[12:59] Maryann Coanda: well, enjoy my $500

[12:59] Enjah Mysterio: and you enjoy my painting; there is no way for you to return something that is copyable. I made it copyable so that people can pull one out of inventory in case one gets lost somehow; and I stopped making my paintings resaleable because I found people were selling them for far more than they paid.

[13:00] you had a dialog telling you you were about to buy it, and you have been in SL for two years, so you knew what you were doing.

[13:01] Maryann Coanda: ok, nothing i can do about it, a lot of money for clouds, but, my mistake

[13:01] Enjah Mysterio: I painted it, and actually, it is about $2 USD that you paid for it, so live and learn I guess; cheap lesson.


hba said...

Boo - well it's a lovely painting and 500L$ isn't a lot for art in SL - I've paid way more than that for non-copiable stuff.

Enjah Mysterio said...

The customer and I have worked things out. I gave her half the money as a refund.

Princess Ivory said...

OH, why wouldn't she want to keep and use such lovely clouds?

The painting is beautiful, Enjah. Maybe I'll have to come buy myself a copy! Is it a prim or a texture? If a prim, can it be modded to different sizes? If a texture, does it tile well if being used across multiple prims (for a privacy screen, for example?) It is far nicer than most of the ripped off Google images of clouds I see most people using in the sky.

Princess Ivory