Friday, October 24, 2008

Expedition to Nautilus

Salazar convened the Explorers' Club, and distributed protective suits for us. The newly risen lands on the map were our destination.

Very close to our landing point we found Magellan Linden's crashed Atomic Borer. Osprey said, "I thought I was the only one with an Atomic Borer!" Was she making a wry joke, or ... does she have one?

I climbed into the cockpit of the ship and immediately pushed The Red Button. A voice came over the loudspeaker system saying, "Self-destruct function is not available at this time; please try again later." We all shivered, thinking of what could have happened if it HAD been available!

From there we did some undersea investigating, and found this burnt-out hull, being used by lots of brightly-colored reef fish. Delightful, but not the end of our search.

Later we explored an ornate temple building with lots of crystals providing power. Under the first floor, we also found this very modern looking submarine, which appeared to belong to a rogue (Mole person?) professor. He or she had books lying on the dock, including one titled "World Domination". Frightening in view of what we saw next.

There were lots of these red power crystals, but this was a cluster of the largest ones. They were mesmerizing. An emitter was atop the entire temple, pointed straight into space. There was also an emitter down near the sea, pointed to the East. There were also four stone emitters aimed at the cardinal points of the compass, and from each came a beam of the same light that was emitting from the crystals directly. I was silly enough to break one beam with my head, and fell, unconscious, to the ocean floor.

I had auditory hallucinations ... sleigh bells, a kitten mewling, and other odd fragments of sound. Then I woke to find Salazar swimming nearby, making sure I was all right. A lesson learned! See the entire stream of photos on Flickr.


Osprey said...

I didn't say I HAD one, I said I WAS one.

hba! said...

I didn't realise you were taken so badly underwater - had I know I would have stopped looking through your bag for food and come to poke you with a pike!

Osprey said...

"...sleigh bells, a kitten mewling, and other odd fragments of sound..."

Could you hear brown paper packages tied up with string or schnitzel with noodle?