Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Show Really Must Go On!

Our Director, Osprey Therian, has decided to step down (or back), and we are attempting to pilot the ship of our variety show on our own (we = Headburro Antfarm, Lucy Tornado and I).

The show has always been Osprey's project, and we worked hard at it. Now we will continue in a different manner.

We hope to have at least one show a month in our home theatre and one elsewhere, but we have not settled on a real plan yet.


Young Geoffrion said...

I am certain it will go on, and in very capable hands! I look forward to the first performance of the season with undying admiration.

Zayn Till said...

Enjah! i heard bout this last night!

if you guys need ANYTHING, we are so there for you guys!

Raglan Loves TSMGO :D