Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Show Went On ...

We had our last show for a little while today at the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos. This shot is us backstage. Osprey has her back to us, in her command center. We are all gaggling behind the barrier. Yes, I am sticking my tongue out.

Osprey's Supercollider Dance begins with her on the stage, dancing.

She then leaps up into the moving Supercollider, dancing with her veils on the very edge of the black hole.

She whirls, she twirls, she ... well, she doesn't crawl on her belly like a reptile.

Then BLAMMO, she is sucked into the black hole and never seen again!

Here is the view from the stage during our Cellophane Dancers number. The red lips in the air are RacerX Gullwing's gift to our world, lips that move when one speaks in SL. I have never seen them quite this large before.


hba said...

It was a blast!

Osprey said...

That acts scales new heights of ridiculousness :-D