Sunday, July 20, 2008

Avatar Extraordinaire: Jopsy Pendragon

If you are wandering around or just enjoying your Second Life, take a trip (dare I say a trippy trip?) to The Particle Laboratory. If you cannot find it, look up Jopsy Pendragon. This avatar has been in Second Life for a very long time, and Jopsy's home in Teal (on the mainland, of course) is a land of delights. There is the lab itself, where you can learn all about creating particles. Every night from sunset to sunrise, there is the fireworks display, unparalleled in my experience. Jopsy has a house there, and there are other parts of the build to visit. Each part has its own surprises.


hba said...

Wowsers... really, that is amazing!

And weirdly, I've been planning a recuruing fireworks thingy on my wee jungle beach too - just not had time yet. I'll have to check out Teal and see how it should be done!

Tina Dahl said...

I am looking around after fireworks!

Need a huge on our Swedish Embassy this weekend....

This is intresting! TXS!!!