Saturday, December 1, 2007

Greenbrier Wood Explored

Arriving I wandered the winding road through the Wood along a steep hillside, which made me feel a bit uneasy, as I could not stop from running into things.

I found there some glowing crystals, mysterious and alluring.

A gypsy cart called to me, and I rested for a moment.

I ascended a tower and overlooked the Wood.

The treehouse was, alas, unapproachable.

The island, small and romantic, beckoned on the horizon.

A small gazebo sat on a hillside overlooking the panorama.
Greenbrier Wood is still in development. It is by Adrek Lowell, the same person who created Chakryn Forest.


HBA said...

oooo - now why can't I make my jungle look that good?

robyn said...

Hey this is absolutely magical. Am I tripping? why yes every moment of every day of every...